A further update

By Anna, 15 June, 2011 6:18 pm

Hi all, thanks again for all the good wishes and for thinking about Mum and Dad whilst we chug on through.

Mum has been doing really, really well. Both surgical sites are healing well and she’s being the poster girl for post-operative exercises. Three times a day she has to wave her arms around in the air. Now that she’s fully in her stride with them, I’m considering sending her to various airports in the area. I feel she may have found another niche.

There is one fly in her Chardonnay, however.

Clue one:

Clue Two:

No? OK. She has a Seroma under her left arm. Muh Muh Muh My seroma!

A seroma is a large swelling that is full of serous fluid – the same fluid that’s in a blister, for example. Except it’s much bigger than a blister, it’s, well, really big actually.

Maybe not quite as big as SJP’s clutch or the two gentlemen’s bagpipes, but you take my point. Were it not for the fluid, (erm and the discomfort and weirdness) it would be a convenient storage area. I mean, I really struggled to find an armband thing to hold my MP3 player when I go running. I had no idea that the body could grow this type of thing so effectively – so relentlessly. I mean, really, stop growing already!

Anyway, she goes back for the pathology results on the lymph nodes tomorrow and they’ll look at it again then (she’s had it drained once already – that was a fun way to pass an hour).

In order not to be excluded,

the ginger high-maintenance dog has developed a limp.

She’ll be fine – lots of rest and hugely expensive anti-inflammatory medication should do the trick. Vet’s bills are never less than £50 eh? For a limp, I tell you. She nearly developed a limp on the other side as I staggered backwards when Mother paid the bill. She dodged just in time. The dog; not Mum.

Dad isn’t much better. He’s done two rounds of antibiotics and steroids to no avail. I blame witchcraft and curses, myself,

Oh, my mistake, it isn’t witchcraft and curses. (It isn’t TB either – they’re trying to identify the specific infection. this would be much easier if they didn’t lose the sample.). He’s horribly hoarse as well now, from all the coughing, so it’s mugs of honey and lemon for him all the way. The Pulmonary nurses are keeping in touch with him, so that’s great.

That’s it so far. Back for the results tomorrow – don’t know whether they’ll tell us more about when the radiotherapy starts, just keeping our fingers crossed that those lymph nodes are clear.


No cakes yet – I nearly made a banana cake today, but ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow :)

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4 Responses to “A further update”

  1. majikfaerie says:

    sending more healing vibes. I had to LOL at the image of carrying one’s MP3 player in an underarm seroma.

  2. Kara says:

    Well clearly it’s been too long since I looked at your site! Hoping all has gone well since you wrote this. Love and hugs to you all
    k xxx

  3. Dana says:

    Anna you crack me up! lol Love you girl and hope your parents continue to heal. :)

  4. Anna says:

    Thanks lovelies – the Seroma remains impressively large!

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