An update

By Anna, 2 June, 2011 10:57 am

Things are a bit hectic here and will be for a while, so my posts may be sporadic at best. I shall explain.
My Mum:

goes into hospital tomorrow to have a malignant breast lump and a couple of lymph nodes for good measure, removed (not the lamb – the lamb was NOT attached) and once she’s healed, will have three weeks of daily radiotherapy. Her BFF, Brenda, has taken her over to the breast care unit today to have a wire placed into the tumour ready for surgery tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my Dad:

has health problems of his own and has also developed the most hideous chest infection this week, so we will be supporting/helping/slaving for both of them and their two high-maintenance dogs:


How I’m going to have time to continue my sordid affair with that household-name man who has the super injunction in place to protect us both is beyond me.

Sorry, no it isn’t a super-injunction for us – it’s a restraining order against me. My error.

Anyway, (awkward), if the affair is going to suffer, I dread to think what will happen to the cooking:

Be assured, however, that we are all OK – haven’t stopped blogging, haven’t died, just busy:

I’ll probably update more frequently on my facebook page as that will be easier when I’m out and about.



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11 Responses to “An update”

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi Anna,

    I was trying to look for your blog today and you magically appeared on my facebook!
    Hope your mum and dad get well soon, and your affairs dont strain!

  2. Fiddy says:

    Can I just say you mom is a gorgeous lady!! :) Thinking about you.

  3. Kara says:

    So much love to your family…oh and those two adorable dogs! So sweet! Kiwi Kisses to you doll xxx

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you lovelies xxx

  5. Rosemary says:

    Still the humour is there – well done you. Lots of love to you all XXXX

  6. Alix says:

    On ya girl! All power to you, and much positive vibery to the Ma and Pa. Good luck with it all. XXX

  7. R- says:

    Sorry to hear about your parents. Hope they feel better soon.

  8. jenni says:

    glad surgery went well :) spot is looking fantastic!!xx

  9. Dana says:

    Thinking of you Anna! Best wishes to your mom & dad xoxo

  10. Anna says:

    Thanks again everyone :) Mum is doing really, really well. It’s a busy time, but we’re all just getting on with it!

  11. majikfaerie says:

    Hugs to you and healing blessings to your parents!

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